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HW #11

HW #11 due date corrected

HW #9-11

HW #9 onward due dates updated.

Week #14

T 11/21 Ch.5 Internal Loads
R 11/23 Thanksgiving

Week #15

T 11/28: Ch.5 Cables
R 11/30: Exam

Week #16

T 12/5 Bridge Testing
R 11/23 Cables, Friction, Review.

Library Copy

Please note that the book in the Library is NOT the 8th Edition, but the 7th.

Simple Supports
Pin and Rocker (roller) - RR bridge over Ventura, CA.
Photos by DJD, 9/26/10.
New Room

Effective 8/28: M-311

Fall 2017

The Fall 2017 textbook is the 8th Edition (8e) of Meriam and Kraige's Engineering Mechanics: Statics.

You may use the 7th or 6th editions to study from, but problems will come from the 8th edition. Only do problems out of the 8e. The 8e text is on reserve at the STEM Center, the MESA Center, and the main AHC Library's Reserve shelf.

We use the standard edition, which has both U.S. (lb, in., ft) and S.I. units (N, m). Do not purchase the S.I.-only edition.

Engineering Mechanics: Statics, 8e, is available in these formats::

  • Hardcover : 978-1-118-80733-0
  • Loose-leaf (binder ready): ISBN : 978-1-118-91973-6
  • E-Text: ISBN : 978-1-118-91997-2

You cannot "sell back" loose-leaf or e-text versions.
Again, you may use previous editions, but problems are from 8e.

  we will use Meriam's STATICS book in Fall (ENGR 152)
  we will use Meriam's DYNAMICS book in Spring (ENGR 154)

Building your Engineering Library

You are starting to take engineering classes that are prerequisites to your future courses and life work. You may want to start building a library of physical books on key subjects.... statics, dynamics, strength of materials, materials, circuits. These will we useful references for you in the future. You do no necessarily need the latest edition, but having the an entire classes material on your shelf may be helpful.

Calculator Policy
The AHC Engr. Program Calculator Policy for exams is posted on the AHC Engr. Program Home page (link at left).

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