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When is your application DUE?

Updated: 01/18/2014

Engineering Faculty generally write many recommendations (in 2010-11, I wrote over 40). Besides teaching responsibilities, I have administrative responsibilities, so please give me plenty of advanced-warning.

    Updates 1/18/14: revised forms; transrcipt added to info to turn in.

If you would like me to write a letter for you, please:

  1. Ask me at least 14 calendar days (10 business days) before you need the letter,preferably in person.

  2. Fill out the Request for Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Form:
    - Link: Fillable .pdf form (type directly onto form in ADOBE READER)
    - Link: Traditional non-fillable .pdf (fill in by hand)
    Link: Fillable Word from .doc

  3. Submit a completed Request Form to me (preferably a hardcopy), and accompanying documents AT LEAST 7 days BEFORE I need to actually complete the LOR.

    Be as complete as possible when filling out the Request Form.
    The better I get to know you (e.g., challenges you have overcome, your activities, your career goals, etc.)...the better the letter...the better your chance of having a successful application.
    Tell me your story. Knowing your academic goal and career (work) goal - and why they are your goals - enables me to write a strong letter. If an internship, job, or grad-school, why do you want to this position? Help me help you.

    If you have technical difficulties filling out the form, type responses in Word and submit a hard-copy.

  4. Submit any supporting documents about the scholarship/program/job with the LOR form. The more I know about the program you are applying for, the better the letter.

  5. Submit a hardcopy of your transcript I can remember which classes you took.

  6. Submit one Request Form per scholarship/internship/job.
    This allows me to keep track of them - which I need to write, and which have been written..
    One letter per Request Form.

    If you turn in multiple requests in the same semester, for the second (third, fourth, etc.) form, you should fill in everything down to and including the Address (to whom the letter is to be addressed/sent). In the question section, write something that indicates that you have already submitted another form. A completely new form should be submitted the next semester.

I will submit the recommendation directly to the organization to which you are applying.
I do not give you a copy of the recommendation.

Thanks and good luck,

Dominic J. Dal Bello
Professor, Engineering | Current Schedule

© 2003-2014, Dominic J. Dal Bello