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Updated: 01/24/12

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See, it is cool to be an engineer:


From the movie Clambake (1967).

Turn up volume if necessary.
Right click to replay.

Tom Cruise - Traffic Engineer!

 • Today's Dilbert Cartoon
  • Do you have The Knack? (audio only) 

 • I Wanna Be an Engineer - Only Won
 • Engineering Paradise - John Cohn
 • Bravais Lattice (.mp3)
   - lyrics and pics for Bravais Lattice
 • Sound of Friction (.mp3)
 • Walk the INCLINE
 • Elements, by Tom Lehrer
 • New Math, by Tom Lehrer (1965) - lip sink

Engineering Stuff
 • Three Modes of Fracture  
 • Statics: Cow-Tipping - UNeb, Lincoln
 • Mars Climate Orbitor (not so funny)
 • Virtual Slide Rule


Bucknell University Engineering Week Videos YouTube Links
 • ME 2010: How to be a Mechanical Engineer
 • ChemE 2009: Total ChemE Workout
 • EE 2008: Electrical Engr. Theme Songs

The Nano Song from nanomonster on Vimeo. By the folks at UC Berkeley.

I Wanna Be An Engineer - Only Won

Engineering Paradise - John Cohn

What is 7 x 13? Lou Costello tells us.

Dilbert has "The Knack"

Ma & Pa Kettle teach 5x14

Wally the Engineer

Abbott and Costello Who's on First

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Abbott and Costello, 7x13 again

Tacoma Narrows Bridge 2

Traffic Engineer
Dept. of Transportation

Tacoma Narrows Bridge 3

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