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Updated: 12/08//15

As part of the Program Review process, AHC Engineering Alumni were surveyed in November, 2015. The purpose of the survey was several-fold:

  1. To see how the program was doing
    e.g., Quality of Instruction; would you recommend taking AHC Engineering courses; were you academically prepared).
  2. To see how alumni were doing/demographics
    (e.g., major, transfer university, how long it took to graduate, job title, etc.)
  3. To provide wisdom/feedback to those who follow
    (e.g.,"What advice/wisdom would you give to a new AHC engineering student?")

RESULTS - 149 individuals responded from Nov. 10 -30, 2015.

Here are two PDFs which summarize their answers.

Summary of check-box data (e.g., typical survey feedback response, general demographic info).

Feedback on four open-end questions (unedited except to correct spelling/grammar).

  • What advice/wisdom would you give to a new AHC engineering student?
  • What advice/wisdom would you give to an AHC engineering student who is about to transfer?
  • Other comments about the AHC Engineering Program
  • Other comments about Allan Hancock College.


Other questions that need more analysis, include zip code of work-place, job title, etc.

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